13 REASONS TO LEARN GERMAN IN LANGUAGE PANTHEONThese are 13 reasons why learning German in Bidyasagar Classes will be the best decision

1. Why this system is such a unique system? What makes it so different from any other system? Why should I join Your institute only?
Ans: COMMITMENT. More than 1 lac people in India start learning German every year in different universities, colleges, institutions etc. But hardly 2 to 3 thousand people actually make their career in German language. Where do these 97 to 98 thousand people vanish? The answer is that they start but they never end. Thousands of people get admission in different universities of Germany, but just because of not completing the syllabus and thereby not getting the certificate, they are forced to drop their dream career. Just teaching German is not sufficient enough to make the career as there are so many steps that these students get stuck at any place/level in between and then no one thinks of the career of these people. This is the biggest and the most important USP of this institution that once You get enrolled here, then just like a child, we take You through: both in terms of knowledge as well as certificate till the point You are enrolled with us. And this is a moral as well as legal commitment. Because Your career only is our career, so if we are not able to make Your career, obviously our career will be jeopardized. Does anyone want to ruin his own career? The institution is run by teachers only and so we understand the seriousness of one’s life and career.

2. At the outset we would like to mention that this is a German specific system where we don’t have any other language and so our full focus is on German only. We don’t make hodge-podge by mixing kids and grown-ups of different levels of different languages

3. We are privileged to be one of the biggest co-operation and examination partners of Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan. Our teachers are highly qualified and we don’t take any novice as a teacher. More than 100 people go for the exam every time just from our institute, which is nothing less than a record.

4. Usually people are not able to do even 3 module test papers till B1, we complete 12 Module Test Papers along with 3 main books and 5 reference books!!! All this consists of all the 4 Modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Spoken.

5. We are privileged to be one of those rarest institutes in India whom GoetheInstitute has provided the facility to conduct the exam exclusively for us. So, usually You don’t have to wait for the exam. This facility is rarest in India.


7. Fastest in the world: Even if You join Your nearest Institute, it will take more than one year to complete B1 and no other institute offers higher than B1.

8. Exam system: You will have to appear for the examination of all the three or four or five levels You are completing. Here You need to appear for only two levels.

9. Fee: There is a saying that comparison should always be between apple and apple and not between apple and orange. So if You want to compare the fee system, compare our fee with only that system which deal only in German and which have all these facilities. If You find something better, faster and economical than this system, our teaching will be free.

10. Class of people: There is a saying that “A person is known by the company he keeps”. There are so many doctors, engineers and other professionals and students that the class of people will tell You the volume of the system.

11. Guarantee of result: We will never leave You in between. Until unless Your result does not come, we will continue with You without any extra penny.

12. One starts understanding German within an hour. Nowadays many institutes are trying to follow us and our system, but of no avail. These people are distributing our notes and adopting our teaching method telling as their own!!! They don’t realize that they can copy our method of one or two hours but not our minds, hard work and the effort in the classroom where all the teachers put their hearts out. This is the reason why we have the maximum number of people in German than any other private institute. This is the reason why people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari come to us exclusively to learn German in Language Pantheon.

13. Unique methodology which is not available anywhere in India.