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OS-CIT course|
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) is designed for those students who are interested in
computer Applications. PGDCA is a one year long program that a student can take after graduation. Bhubaneswar
Our course gives you professional level knowledge. This program will helpful to
understand of basic computer applications .If you think to take course, Welcome in the best institute
Bidyasagar Classes
What is PGDCA?
 100% Practical Learning
 Course Certification
 Special Batch for Working Professionals
 Resume & Interviews Preparation Support
 Experienced Trainer
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Benefits of PGDCA?
 Diploma in Computer Applications
 Eligibility Criteria for PGDCA program
 Admission Procedure for PGDCA program
 PGDCA Entrance exams in India
 PGDCA Entrance Exam Pattern
Courses Covered
 Unix, MS Oce, DOS, Computer Fundamentals, Internet
 HTML, CSS3, Boostrape, Javascript, Jquery, PHP
 C Language, C++,
Course Duration
The Duration of this course is 6 months

Computer applications are vital for the Information technology field which is driving
today’s modern digital world. After PGDCA, students can work in IT companies in
departments like design, development, assembly, manufacturer and maintenance
etc. Apart from working in multinational companies this course also grooms research
fellows who have passion for innovation and learning new technology and exploring
new vistas for the use of existing technology. Career in IT is considered as full of
opportunities and one of the most highly paying jobs; especially when India has its
brand name in IT sector all over the world.
The Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) – is offered by Bidyasagar Classes focus mainly in shaping students as Computer
technologist’s professionals by providing the excellent educational training.
PGDCA is a one year full time diploma program intended to provide
students with a comprehensive training in computer programming, and
an introductory theory and applications of computer sciences, in addition
to some exposure to Mathematics and Statistics. It is so designed that
on successful completion, the students will be able to take up jobs as
Software developers, Hardware engineers, System designers, System
Analyst, Networking Engineers, DBA, Software testing, Security Analyst,
Data/Risk/Statistical Analyst etc. in either the government or private
multinational companies.
PGDCA students will stay and learn the course at Bidyasagar Classes regarding their placement or for some other kind
of educational seminars, placement training etc. from time to time.
100% attendance is must for this course. There are two examinations in
each semester in each course for all the programmes: mid-semestral and
semestral (final). The composite score in a course is a weighted average
of the scores in the midsemestral and semestral examinations, homeassignments, practical record-book, project work, etc. (announced at the
beginning of the semester).
If a student misses any mid-semestral, semestral and back-paper
examination due to medical or family emergencies, there is a provision for
supplementary examination. The student can score at most 60% in the
supplementary examinations to mid-semestral and semestral examinations,
and at most 45% in the case of a back-paper examination.
This course is residential but not strictly.

Because of ongoing under construction work they are allowing student to
take up a personal accommodation. Limited medical facilities are available
free of cost at all campuses.
Students successfully graduating from the program will be expected to join
organizations working in the area of analytics and IT field. Those interested in
higher studies may pursue doctoral or other advanced studies in related areas.