Coaching Classes for 8th 9th & 10th CBSE-ICSE

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Classes for 8th 9th & 10th CBSE-STATE

Classes for 8th 9th & 10th CBSE-STATE

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Course Description

At Bidyasagar Classes Bhunaneswar Pre Nurture and career foundation courses are designed in a manner that they progressively transform a student’s understanding from basic to highest possible level. This ensures a solid conceptual base transpiring success in school academics and future competitive exams. Bidyasagar Classes Prepares students for class 8th to 10th and prepares them for School/Boards as well as many competitive exams. We believe in nurturing young minds with utmost care and dedication in this competitive world. This is the grounds; we begin building up the concepts and knowledge from the fundamental level so that by the time the student of class 8th to 10th gets ready to appear and perform well in the competitive, entrance and scholarship examinations and be able to shine in this competitive world.
Subject Covered

Bidyasagar Classes Covers all subjects English Language, English Grammar, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Social Science Etc. These courses are planned to build up aptitude, scientific and reasoning skills, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills of the student at an early stage and get them ready for future competitive exams.

Having command over the English Language makes all the difference to your personality and adds an advantage to your resume and assists you perform better. At Bidyasagar Classes, students can get all concepts clear with the basics of grammar. we develop the allround personality of the student by giving them tasks which will make them mentaly strong for their future careers
Why Bidyasagar Classes for foundation classes 8th,9th, and 10th?

Daily doubt clearing classes and study notes
Concept-based teaching with explanation in the simplest possible way.
Periodic minor/significant tests for the school curriculum.

Our mentors have been answering the needs of students since the
early 2000s and over the last two decades observed certain patterns
that seemed trivial when the first appeared, but over time have begun
to manifest in nightmarish proportions. This is because, over the last
two decades, we as a civilization have possibly seen more changes
than any previous generation. This is in large parts down to the
emergence of the internet as an unbelievably potent source of
information and the rise of social media as an intrinsic part of our

Today, we have an entire generation of young people, who have lived
the best part of their lives with a virtual personality that is almost as
old as they are. This has of course had far-reaching and
unpredictable consequences on education and lifestyles across the
world, where for the first time in living memory, the problems of
students living in first world countries and those living in the third
world are almost identical – namely, an extremely short attention
span, an increasing inability to learn or retain even slightly
challenging information, an indifference to reading and the tendency
to confuse what is available on the internet with what they actually
know. Such a scenario would have been inconceivable back in the
90s, where the world still worked on the formula of the older
generation imparting values and lessons to the younger.
To make matters worse, the only domain that seems to be coping
with this changing reality, is technology. But this is far from good
news! Today’s technology has put ‘Smart Phones’ and ‘Learning Apps’
in the hands of pre-teens, which has had the effect of making them
noticeably ‘less smart’ and ‘less able’ to handle the regular problems
that a growing child goes through. The result is that we have a