ABOUT Bidyasagar Classes

We are an institute for excellence in providing Quality education to CBSE students of VIII-XII in Maths and Science.

We strongly believe that CBSE books are the Best for Concept Understanding. They help in strengthening Fundamentals. We believe that Quality education can be provided by the teachers who have relevant experience & Education in his / her respective field. Therefore we have all the faculties as either Engineers(B.Tech) or Post Graduates with Experiences ranging from 4 to 15 years.

Apart from Academics we work on improving personality of student. Study Techniques, Time Management, Goal Settings, Awareness about future career are some of the things we focus on.

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We are an institute which imparts its knowledge with students from standard 8 to 12 for Science & Maths streams. Our teaching methodology involves practical life examples, analogies & interactive sessions.

We provide Study Material, Worksheets, Question Bank, and other materials. With an experience of 10+ years to teach CBSE students, our teachers are committed to strive for the betterment of the students. Although we take Responsibility for Science & Maths but we extend our help to our students in SST, Computers & English also. Timely tests are conducted in an exam oriented environment.

Selective topics are taught with the help of Digital teaching Aids. Class Strength is limited to 12 per batch so that individual student gets proper attention. Regular Parent teacher meetings are organised to update parents about the progress of students.

Vedic Mathematics & Other Tips & Tricks are told to our Students for better Memorisation It is an institute where the students Feel that this is their own institute.


We are proud that our students are performing Excellent in their studies. We not only focus on “What to Study” but also on “How to Study“. Individual session with each student is conducted to ensure her / his study is on track. Meet us to know how can we benefit your child.